dog902.jpg (5845 bytes)

Our pet dog upon completion

dog901.jpg (4047 bytes)

Pet dog in action!

This pet dog is one of the first robot projects we worked on. The project is built using parts from the Lego Robotics Discovery Set.

The propulsion chassis is identical to the "bug" chassis with no modifications. We left out the wings, used a number 10 axle in the rear to create a tail for our dog, and added the dog head option. Note we changed the ears on the dog by using the lighter weight cams.

We set the personality as follows:

- Forward movement in a straight line
- Avoids when front sensors impact stationary objects
- Seeks light
- Makes alarm sounds

The sensor array is the standard "bug" bumper. A microswitch on each side detects impact, and the pet avoids contact by turning.

Our robot dog operates autonomously throughout the house. In the evening, we can "call" him by using a flashlight. We also save a fortune on "dog food" by using ni-cad rechargeable batteries.