How to Draw Horses

Book Review



How to Draw Horses


Lucy Smith


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2004


How to Draw Horses is a short primer on the basics of drawing and painting horses. This is a paperback book of 32 pages.

This book shows the beginning artist how to draw horses. The book starts with  the basics of drawing and explains different mediums such as watercolor, colored pencils, gouache, and markers and how they are used to creates the different drawings in the book. Then the text proceeds to demonstrate the basic geometry of drawing horses and highlights special details that are unique to drawing horses. Later, the reader is introduced to techniques to draw special features including the eyes, mane, forelock and tails. Illustrations also provide guidance  on how to draw groups of horses together in natural behaviors, horses at work,  horse heads, and cartoon-style horses.

Virtually every illustration is shown in outline and finished forms. This helps  the reader to not only successfully complete the drawing but also gives a better appreciation of how to layout any drawing. The text pays special attention to  proper shading in pictures of horses so that the young artist can get a more  professional look in their drawing. A number of tips also show how to add backgrounds that fit in with horses and that help to balance picture. Other tips show special  features that vary from breed to breed and how horses' bodies change as they  age.

Any beginning artist that likes to draw horses will find important tips in this  book. Its best feature is its variety of illustrations of horses and showing  how to draw them in everyday poses. Another important feature is showing how to draw horses using different mediums including colored pencil and watercolors.  This book has a lot of useful information in just a few pages, and will leave the reader with a greater appreciation of the art of drawing horses.


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