How to Draw Cats

Book Review



How to Draw Cats


Lucy Smith


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2004


How to Draw Cats is a short primer on the basics of drawing and painting cats. This is a paperback book of 32 pages.

This book shows the basics of drawing cats. At the start, the book gives basic pointers of laying out the drawing and the basic geometry of cats and kittens. Special tips are provided along the way to demonstrate how to draw special features  of cats such as the eyes, ears, tails and whiskers. One entire page is dedicated to showing how to properly draw the fur for the right effect. Illustrations  also demonstrate how to draw groups of cats together in natural behaviors, wild  cats such as lions, and cartoon-style cats.

Several highlighted boxes throughout this book also give the reader professional drawing tips. Some of the topics include how to shade properly and creating  the right background for your drawing. Other tips show special features such as spots on cubs and how kittens bodies change as they age.

Any beginning artist that likes to draw cats will find important tips in this  book. Its best feature is its variety of illustrations of cats in action and  showing how to draw them in everyday poses. Another important feature is showing how to draw cats using different mediums including colored pencil and watercolors.  This book has a lot of useful information in just a few pages, and will leave the reader with a greater appreciation of the art of drawing cats.


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