Rogue State

Book Review



Rogue State


William C. Triplett II


Regnery Publishing Inc., Washington, DC



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

September, 2004



Rogue State is an expose of the illicit activities of the Democratic People's  Republic of Korea (North Korea) and its relationship to the world.

At the end of the Second World War, the Korean peninsula was divided into two very different zones of control. The south was administered by the Western Allies while the northern part was administered by the Communist Block nations. Tensions  were heightened by the government of North Korea, resulting in an attack on  South Korea in 1950. After three years of bloody war, an armistice was signed  that did not stop the war, only the fighting. This situation continues today.

The author examines the relationship of financial support of North Korea by  the Chinese government and how that support impacts the political policies of  the regime. He demonstrates the relationship that evolves as North Korea becomes an arms supplier to second world countries around the world, and how this relationship  encourages the expansion of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs so that it can threaten its neighbors and even the United States.

The author also shows how that government responds politically to overtures  from other nations, particularly the United States, with acts of open defiance. Several amusing episodes are told showing United States diplomats being made  fools of.

Although the book is easy to read and easy to believe, it would have been more interesting had the author provided more supporting material for the variety of facts he presented. Still, the book should be an eye-opener to any world-ignorant American as to the dynamics of Asian and world politics.


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