Learn to Play Electric Guitar

Book Review



Learn to Play Electric Guitar


Nigel Hooper


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

January, 2004


Learn to Play Electric Guitar is a paperback book targeted to the beginning guitar player. This is a full color paperback book of 48 pages.

This book covers a variety of general information about how to play electric guitar and looks at aspects of playing electric that are different than a standard  acoustical guitar. It begins by explaining the basics including how to hold  the guitar, tuning, changing strings, reading standard and tablature style sheet  music, and how to develop proper techniques. It quickly moves on to more advanced  subjects such as using electronic effects and specialized notes such as playing harmonics and bends.

As the reader progresses through the book, a variety of short songs are shown  that demonstrate the use of a particular technique in the structure of a song. Sections also show different styles of music, how to write or improvise songs,  and playing leads, solos and chords. A few pages also discuss how an electric bass guitar is used and playing with a band.

Throughout the book is a large quantity of excellent pictures of artists performing  from all styles of music. Each picture is subtitled with the artist's name and tells a little about them, often detailing their specific stylistic contribution to music. Almost all will be familiar to musicians and fans alike.

Although this book is very ambitious, it will be a little overwhelming for a complete beginner. For those that have had a few lessons or plucked around for awhile, there is bound to be some new technique to be learned from this  book. Other information about using electronic effects, accessories, and how  to navigate the fretboard will also prove valuable to the novice.

While Learn to Play Electric Guitar is not a begin-to-play book, it will take  the novice player to a new level by showing how more advanced techniques are  accomplished. The huge quantity of pictures of guitarists, while not directly related to the learning process, is also fascinating. I would recommend this book to novice players wanting to learn a few new and hot techniques to improve  their playing.

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