The Usborne Complete Book of Chess

Book Review



The Usborne Complete Book of Chess


Elizabeth Dalby


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

January, 2004


The Usborne Complete Book of Chess is a hardcover book that covers many major aspects of the game. Geared toward  a beginning to intermediate level player, this guide is colorfully illustrated  and contains 96 pages.

Get more information about the Complete Book of Chess at amazon.comWith a complex game like chess, no one book can ever hope to fully cover the subtle intricacies of the game, but this one deals with the major aspects masterfully.  It begins with a section that shows how to link to the EDC site to learn more  about chess, then a short section that briefly describes the game. The next  few sections deal with each piece individually. These sections describe each piece's function in the game and its strengths and weaknesses. Small colorful gameboards illustrate the way each piece is used in the game.

The book then moves on to the opening moves of chess. There are sections for a number of popular opening attacks and defenses and each section shows the  advantage of using that strategy. Other sections show how the middle game progresses,  finally ending in sections that show the endgame and how to checkmate with various  combinations of pieces. Interesting chapters also cover historical chess personalities,  chess playing computers and alternative chess games such as suicide chess and  3-D chess.

Scattered through the book is a variety of challenging chess puzzles with various  degrees of difficulty. Most of the puzzles include a hint that will help the  beginner solve the problem, and complete solutions are given at the back of the book. As anybody familiar with the game will tell you, these puzzles are often the path to great improvements in one's chess thinking.

Any beginner wanting to improve his game will find this guide highly informative.  The book covers only the most important aspects of playing chess using common,  simple language. This is a key style to the Usborne strategy of teaching chess,  and in this book it succeeds well. There is a little something in this guide  for anybody that likes Chess and the large number of puzzles will even interest intermediate level players. If you want to improve your game, the Usborne Complete  Book of Chess will take you there.

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