Sleeping With The Devil

Book Review



Sleeping With The  Devil


Robert Baer


Crown Publishers,  Division of Random House, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

September, 2003


As a sequel to See No Evil, Robert Baer presents us with Sleeping With The Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude. This is a hardcover book of about 220 pages.

For those readers unfamiliar with Robert Baer, he is an ex-CIA agent with extensive  experience in Middle Eastern affairs. Fluent in several languages including Arabic and Farsi, he was stationed in such hotspots as Beirut and Northern Iraq  until his retirement in 1997. The text of this book was reviewed by the CIA's Publications Reviews Board and their disclaimer is included at the beginning of the text, giving you some idea of the sensitive nature of the situations he discusses.

Mr. Baer rehashes the history of the Saudi Arabian nation to give the reader a reference point for his arguments. He also describes the intricate functioning of the current royal family and how their control extends to all aspects of  Saudi society. He then lays out the major actions that tie the royal family to the funding and education of terrorists.

This book also stands as a stinging indictment of virtually every top-level  politician of the executive branch of the United States government for the last 25 years. He highlights facts that show many of them received lucrative contracts  at the end of their government terms from the Saudis or had multi-million dollar  donations made to favorite charities, libraries, and other sundry projects.  Another recurring theme involves showing how the two governments cycle money  back and forth through a variety of channels that allow generous commissions to be paid to those involved on both sides of the world.

Anybody wanting to get a less myopic view of the world will want to read this  book. It demonstrates that time and time again, a little money and the threat of cutting oil production will force the politicians to overlook human rights  violations, the accountability of billions of dollars, and even the investigations  of the murders of American citizens. This is another interesting and enlightening book by Baer showing the roots of the current conflict with fundamentalism and  terrorism.

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