Inside Delta Force

Book Review



Inside Delta Force


Eric L. Haney, Command Sgt. Major (Ret.)


Delacorte Press, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2003


Inside Delta Force is the story of the Army's elite Special Forces unit as told by one of the original members. This is a hardcover book of about 325 pages.

Inside Delta ForceIn 1978, Eric Haney was a NCO in the U.S. Army with eight years experience, most  of which was as an Army Ranger. He had attended and passed Ranger School and Jump Master School, two of the hardest schools in the Army, and was a platoon sergeant  for almost four years. With these qualifications, he was selected as one of 163  men chosen to attend the initial training classes for the Army's newest and most  secret unit, Delta. After a week of the Army's selection process, he was one of  only twelve men that would move on to the training process.

These men were tasked with developing methods to deal with terrorist activities  such as hijacking, hostage taking and small unit insurgent actions. They became  experts in all types of small arms, explosives, and urban combat settings and continued to add men to their "squadrons" until the force finally reached  critical mass and they were ready for their combat assignments.

Traveling across the globes, they were used in a number of settings. Some of the actions they were used in included hijacked aircraft, embassy protection, and  guerilla interdiction actions. They were also used in larger actions such as the Grenada campaign and the Gulf War. The author relates some of the desperate situations he experienced including being wounded in combat and having to kill an associate in the jungles of South America.

This book is a very interesting tale of the secret Delta warriors. One bombshell that is related more than halfway through the story is that the United States  government knew of over 100 POW soldiers from the Vietnam conflict that were not recovered. The author states he discovered this while planning a rescue mission  for them that was never put into action, and that the alternative would have been a payment of war reparations to the Vietnamese government.

Anybody that is considering joining a Special Forces unit or is just interested  in reading about the lives of these brave men should consider this book a milestone  along the journey of knowledge. It is packed with firsthand accounts of training and actual combat by somebody b that has been there time and time again. This story is well written and keeps your attention from beginning to end.

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