Agent 146

Book Review



Agent 146


Erich Gimpel


St. Martin's Press,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

May, 2003



Agent 146 is the true story of a Nazi  agent in the United States during the Second World War. It was originally released  in 1957 and in this reprint, covers the story of this spy as told by the spy  himself, Erich Gimpel.

Get more information about Agent 146 at amazon.comEmployed as a radio engineer in Germany during the mid 1930's, Gimpel was recruited to work in Peru for a German firm, a position that he found to his liking and one that left him plenty of free time each day to spend as he saw fit. Slowly, he began to be drawn into espionage by a friend in the German embassy as the clouds of World War II loomed on the horizon.

He eventually returned to the fatherland and was recruited to attend an exclusive  Nazi spy school, then was assigned to duties in Spain because of his extensive knowledge of the Spanish language. His reputation grew and grew until finally  he was chosen to lead the mission against the American atomic bomb effort.

After a long and eventful trip from Germany via submarine, Gimpel and an associate landed on the east coast of America and began their mission to infiltrate and sabotage the secret Manhattan project. A number of misadventures followed their path in wartime America, until finally, their luck ran out and they were captured  by the FBI. As the story winds down, Gimpel describes his feelings as he was  sentenced to die and his execution date approached.

This story is another real life spy tale that will grasp the reader's attention. Of particular interest is the way that Gimpel's first person telling of the  tale provides insight into how a spy feels as they go about their work, and  of their feelings when they are caught and prepare for the end. Any fan of real life adventure tales will find this book interesting.

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