Music Theory For Beginners

Book Review



Music Theory For Beginners


Emma Danes


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003



Music Theory For Beginners is a primer for music students that describes all basic elements of music theory. This is  a paperback book of 48 pages.

Get more information about Music Theory For Beginners at amazon.comMusic  Theory takes a fundamental approach to teaching music theory. It covers a wide variety of topics including the staff, clefs, key signatures, scales and note  values. The lessons are presented in a logical order with short paragraphs describing each element. When necessary, illustrations provide amplification of basic principals.

A number of music elements listed in the text may be unfamiliar to beginning music students. Some of these interesting features include descriptions of the tenor and alto clefs, understanding intervals, cadences, and using ornaments.  The book makes an effort to show the reader how the various elements fit into  songs by both description and illustration. As the student progresses, odd time  signatures are introduced and the reader is shown how phrasing affects the sound of the music. A short section shows how to transpose using different instruments.

Other features of this book are equally useful to beginning music students.  The related major and minor scales are shown together, including both the harmonic and melodic minor scales. The book also shows how these scales are integrated  into music using chords and triads to develop a full and melodic sound and texture. Less frequently used scales such as the chromatic, pentatonic and whole tone scales are also described.

Any music student that wants to expand their knowledge of the structure of music in the western world will find this book useful and enlightening. Virtually every component of music is covered sufficiently to allow the beginner to grasp  the important underlying concept, including advanced themes the student is unlikely to encounter in other books or instructional manuals. This book is a welcome addition to any structured music program.

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