Cuentos populares del mundo

Book Review



Cuentos populares  del mundo


Heather Amery


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003


Cuentos populares del mundo is a Spanish language book for children of about 130 pages. This is a full-color illustrated hardback book.

Inside Cuentos populares is a collection of stories from all corners of the  world. Included are stories from China, India, South America, Australia, Russia,  Europe, Africa, Central America and North America. Each legend has delicately  rendered illustrations that help with visualizing the story.

The most stunning aspect of this book is its printing style. Every page is colored in some soft or pastel color, and the type font is unusual, but large and easy to read. The type on each page is set inside a page border that adds  to the flavor of the story and the country it represents.

This book should be considered an intermediate level reader for students of  the Spanish language. While targeted for children, the vocabulary is not difficult for those that speak Spanish as a second language, and the stories themselves are not so childish as to bore a mature reader. For those with Spanish as their primary language, this book will provide a wealth of bedtime stories from all  parts of the world.

Cuentos populares del mundo is a colorful hardbound book that will delight all that read it. The stories are fun and are representative of legends throughout the world. The vocabulary is simple enough that young children will understand the stories, while those that have Spanish as their second language will find these stories easy and fun to read. In a few words, this book is absolutely  delightful.

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