First Fun with Spanish

Book Review



First Fun with Spanish


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003


First Fun with Spanish is a standard VHS videotape for children to learn simple Spanish. It is an animated color  presentation that runs about 40 minutes. A printed vocabulary card is also included  that lists all of the words and phrases on the videotape in both English and Spanish.

Throughout this video a young girl named Isabel leads the viewer through a typical day with her family. She is the only actor that speaks English in the movie so she translates what the rest of the family is saying. Some of the activities  that they do include breakfast, visiting grandparents, going shopping, and playing  in the park. As the movie progresses, the viewer learns more basic vocabulary  and a variety of simple phrases.

The movie is focused on a few categories of basic vocabulary. Some of the categories are names of family members, colors, clothing, foods, animals and body parts. New phrases are used in context so that learning is accomplished by example  and the phrases fit well with the story being told. Most words and phrases are  repeated for reinforcement.

At the end of the story, Isabel reviews all of the vocabulary words one last time. An additional activity involves a little yellow rubber duck that is hidden  in every scene. A short segment in the final few minutes of the tape shows the  location of the duck in each scene.

Grade school children will enjoy this animated video. Many tapes that try to teach Spanish to children focus on learning vocabulary, but don't progress to  simple phrases. First Fun with Spanish avoids this pitfall by showing the child how the language works with examples of possessive, adjective use, and simple  verbs. Any parent wishing to provide their child with a head start in Spanish will find this tape will accomplish that goal. It gives children a core vocabulary and some examples of how to express themselves using only Spanish.

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