Tales of Real Spies

Book Review



Tales of Real Spies


Fergus Fleming


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003


Tales of Real Spies contains a number  of true stories about spies and spying. This is a paperback book of 64 pages.

Get more information about Tales of Real Spies at amazon.comMost of the stories in this book relate to spying episodes from the First World War,  Second World War, and the Cold War. The stories include spies from all sides of the conflict, including Russian, English, German, Japanese, and French. Each story runs from two to four pages in a digest format. In addition to explaining  what the spy did, the book often illuminates the spies' lives before they began spying. The book also describes how they recruited other agents or set traps for enemy spies. While the book mentions the secret equipment they use in passing,  it is more focused on the human aspects of the case.

One curious thing about this book is that it does not include some well-known  spies such as Kim Philby nor does it cover current spying episodes such as Robert  Hanssen or Aldridge Ames. Outside of Mata-Hari, most of the spies in this book don't seem well-known, yet the book fleshes out their stories so that one can  understand the importance of what they did, often with little recognition. A  page at the end of the book also tells what happened to the spies that survived after they finished their work.

Tales of Real Spies provides a fascinating look inside the world of spies. Anybody interested in action and adventure stories will find this title delightful.

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