Chess Puzzles

Book Review



The Usborne Book of Chess Puzzles


David Norwood


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003



The Usborne Book of Chess Puzzles  is a paperback full of chess puzzles for beginning level chess players. This  full-color paperback book is 64 pages long.

Chess Puzzles starts with simple puzzles for the reader to solve and moves toward  more difficult positions near the end. There are four basic sections to the book. They are the puzzles themselves, a listing of hints to help the reader  solve the puzzles, puzzle answers, and the Puzzle Master Quest. At the end of the book are a glossary and a page that describes algebraic chess notation.

There are 100 puzzles in this book. The first puzzles in this book focus on  the individual pieces, with a page dedicated to the rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, and pawns. The more difficult puzzles involve mate in one or two moves,  sacrificing to achieve mate, and even a few three and four move mate puzzles. The Puzzle Master Quest is a series of puzzles on six pages that are linked  to a story involving chess pieces as the main characters. This series of puzzles  is pretty intricate and is sure to stump the beginner the first time around.

Chess Puzzles is an excellent learning tool for beginning chess players. A number  of Puzzle Master Tips help the reader understand what is being taught. Most  of the puzzles can be solved with a little thought and time and the hints section helps to solve the more difficult positions.

Beginning level chess players will find this book an inexpensive and fun way to spend spare time. The puzzles are challenging enough that the player must  think awhile to solve them but not so hard as to be frustrating. I recommend this book to any beginner that wants to improve their chess skills while having  fun.

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