Book Review



Gatitos (Kittens)


Fiona Watt


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank. Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003


Gatitos is a hardcover book targeted to pre-school and toddler age children. This book has ten thick cardboard pages  that are not easily torn or ripped.

Gatitos is a book to introduce young children to reading. It is entirely in  Spanish. The story line describes kittens doing everyday things like playing,  climbing and jumping. Each page is colorfully illustrated with pictures of kittens and their activities. The book also includes a number of textured areas to stimulate the child by allowing them to touch the kittens.

The level of Spanish in this book is elementary, so most English speaking parents  will be able to fumble through the vocabulary. The story is short enough to keep the child interested, and they like being able to touch the textured parts  of the book. The pages are thick enough that only the most dedicated effort by the child will damage them, so children can be encouraged to use this book  on their own.

Gatitos is an excellent tool to teach your toddler or pre-school aged child  a few words and sounds of a second language. The book is big, colorful, and  children like being able to feel the kittens.


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