First French Flashcards

Book Review



First French Flashcards


Stephen Cartwright


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank. Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003


First French Flashcards is a flashcard deck of 50 cards for teaching children basic French. The deck is packaged in  a playing card style cardboard box and is slightly larger than standard flashcards.

Get more information about First French Flashcards at amazon.comEach French word is shown with a drawing on one side of each flashcard, with the  English translation in small type at the bottom right-hand corner. The other side of the card only has the French word with no other information. The vocabulary  taught by this deck uses a farm theme and includes farm animals, tools, plants, and other things one might find around the farm.

The deck is nicely illustrated in full color and is printed on firm cardboard  stock. The pictures are cartoon-like in appearance. Each is very colorful and the meanings are unambiguous.

This deck would be ideal for a classroom setting of small size. No pronunciation guide is included with the cards, so an adult should have a grasp of basic French to assist their child in pronouncing the words.

Children enjoy this format to study a new language. The colorful illustrations keep their attention and they find using them a fun game to play.

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