1001 Animales Que Buscar

Book Review



1001 Animales Que  Buscar


Ruth Brocklehurst


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2003



1001 Animales Que Buscar (1001 Animals to Spot) is an activity book for young children entirely in Spanish. This is a paperback book of 32 pages.

Get more information about 1001 Animales Que Buscar at amazon.comThis book consists of a series of double-page drawings. On each page there are a  number of animals. Around the margins is a list of the animals to search for along with the number of animals of that type to find in the drawing. Each animal to search for is shown as a picture of about one square inch along with its Spanish name. Another game is introduced near the end of the book. An additional group of animals from "Leo's drawings" are listed and the child must look back through all of the pictures to find these bonus animals.

Each of the animal search drawings has a theme associated with it. Some of these include the jungle, the mountains, the ocean, the forest, and the North Pole.  Animals that one would normally associate with each type of terrain are included  in the search. The drawings are all very colorful and the animals are involved in various activities that help the child's imagination.

This is a fun book to sit down with your child and go through each search. By  the end, your child can learn the Spanish names of over 100 animals in addition  to building counting skills. This title helps the child to build skills by being fun and turning learning into a game. The colorful drawings invite the child to use the book more than once or on their own. 1001 Animales Que Buscar is  a fun and interesting tool to introduce Spanish language skills and basic counting  to your young child.

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