Its Deductible 2002

Book Review



Its Deductible 2002


William R. Lewis


Income Dynamics, Omaha, Nebraska



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2002


Its Deductible is a spiral-bound reference for valuing tax deductible contributions and documenting your deduction. It has 147 pages and includes a storage pocket for receipts.

Get more information about Its Deductible 2002 at amazon.comAnybody  that has tried to maximize the value of their non-cash charitible contributions  for a tax year remembers the headache of determining the proper value for the  item. This book answers the question, "What is my item worth at fair market  value," when it has been donated for charitible purposes. Each page contains  a list of items along with blanks to enter the total dollars of items you have contributed. Each page can then be totalled to arrive at a final figure.

In addition to providing a value for your donated  items, this book also provides practical information about how to properly record the value of your item, organizations that can legally accept your donation,  and recordkeeping requirements. Additional information is provided about donating items with greater values, such as automobiles.

This is truly one book that will pay for itself immediately. Anybody that itemizes their deductions on their Federal Schedule A will find  that this book gives them the ability to claim the proper value for their item,  as well as providing a published basis for the determination of their valuation for Form 8283. Just looking at the items on the lists will likely give anybody new ideas about donation opportunities, and the methodical approach the book uses assures that your donation will be properly recorded and documented.

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