How to Draw Animals

Book Review



How to Draw Animals


Anita Ganeri and Judy  Tatchell


EDC Publishing,  Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

A. Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2002


How to Draw Animals is a book that shows you how to draw animals. This is a paperback book of 23 pages.

Get more information about How to Draw Animals at amazon.comThis book gives easy step-by-step instructions about how to draw different types  of animals. The book also gives you tips for coloring your drawings. Most of  the animals you draw with this book use simple, basic shapes to start the picture. Some animals you learn to draw are domestic and others are wild animals.

I liked this book because the directions were easy to follow and the animals  that are in the book are very cool. I think this book would be perfect for children and adults that love to draw.

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