How to Draw People

Book Review



How to Draw People


Alastair Smith


EDC Publishing,  Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

A. Fogg

Review Date:

September, 2002


How to Draw People is a book about learning how to draw  for children. It is a paperback book of 32 pages.

The book provides easy step-by-step directions to show you how to draw pictures  of people. It shows how to draw real people, cartoon characters and superheroes. The directions tell how to draw the outline of the face and align the eyes, nose, mouth and ears so the picture looks right. The book also lists the type of art utensils you will need to color the drawing you are making.

I liked this book because the directions were very easy to follow. It also has great drawing tips that help when you need to draw for a school art project,  birthday party, and other special occasions.

I would recommend this book for children that love to draw and want to learn to draw people or improve their pictures.

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