Last Man Down

Book Review



Last Man Down


Richard Picciotto


The Berkley Publishing Group, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2002


Last Man Down is the true story of New York Fire Commander Richard Picciotto and his survival of the World Trade Center attack.  This is a hardcover novel of about 235 pages.

Get more information about Last Man Down at amazon.comSeptember  11th, 2001 started much the same as any other day for Chief Picciotto. Like  many other New York firefighters, he was married and had several children. Little did he realize that by noon he would be wondering if he would ever see his family  again.

Seeing the drama unfold on television, he immediately headed for the scene to  assist in the planned evacuation of the victims and to fight the fire. He had  previous experience during the 1993 terrorist bombing attack and was intimately familiar with the floor plans for both buildings.

Leading firefighters into the North Tower to rescue and evacuate victims, Chief  Picciotto and the team heard a monstrous sound as the South Tower collapsed. Trapped inside an interior stairwell, they had no idea what had caused the overwhelming sound until the news of what had happened suddenly sprang from their fire radios.

As they attempted to retreat to safety, the firefighters discovered a room full  of casualties needing evacuation, and they helped this large group of people down to safety. Unfortunately, this process slowed Picciotto's team down enough to leave some of them inside the North Tower when it collapsed, trapping them deep inside a mountain of rubble.

This story is well written, and it uses ordinary language anybody will relate  to. The story of his survival of this terrorist incident is amazing - far beyond  what one would believe possible. I would recommend this book that tells the story of the last man down from the World Trade Center towers to any American.  This is truly the story of an American hero.

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