Introduction to Spanish Poetry

Book Review



Introduction to Spanish  Poetry


Eugenio Florit


Dover Publications Inc., New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2002


Introduction to Spanish Poetry is a bi-lingual paperback reader that presents a variety of viewpoints from Spanish poets over the last  1000 years. This paperback is about 150 pages in length.

Get more information about Introduction to Spanish Poetry at amazon.comThis collection of poems has a number of interesting and useful features that assist the reader to interpret the verses in their proper context. Each poem in presented  in a side-by-side format with the Spanish version to the left and the English  translation to the right. Each version is printed close to the binding side of the page so that one does not have to look very far to reference a word or phrase. The English translations are literal so that the beginning reader of Spanish will find it easier to check their understanding of the text.

Another feature that sets this book aside is the background information that is provided about each poet. A short summary of the poet's life and works is  included such as the era they come from and the community around them. Recent  poets also have their picture featured. The introduction to this collection sets out a timeline of the history of Spanish poetry, highlights major influences, and demonstrates how it differs from other classic European styles.

Any reader that enjoys poetry will find this book refreshing and interesting even with no command of Spanish. Students will find the poems are not overly  difficult to understand in either language while also providing a rich cultural  reference about Spain and its people. The method of presentation also eases  the burden of translation for students of the Spanish language.

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