The Bureau and the Mole

Book Review



The Bureau and the Mole


David A. Vise


Atlantic Monthly Press,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2002


The Bureau and the Mole is a novel that studies Robert Phillip Hanssen, a former FBI agent turned Russian spy. This is a hardback novel of about 275 pages.

Get more information about The Bureau and the Mole at amazon.comDavid  A. Vise takes his readers along for a wild ride as he delves into the actions  and character of Robert Phillip Hanssen. Hanssen's childhood with an overbearing  and abusive policeman father developed a deep resentment of authority that caused  extensive emotional problems throughout the rest of Hanssen's life.

Although he was accepted into the FBI, he never seemed to fit in with the other  agents, refusing offers of friendship and social gatherings. The other FBI agents began to give him nicknames such as "The Mortician" and "Doctor  Death." His home life never seemed to give him satisfaction either. Although married to a wonderful and deeply religious wife, Hanssen was overwhelmed with sexual fantasies and had recurring bouts of infidelity, only some of which were discovered by his wife.

He finally initiated contact with the Soviet spy agency, the KGB, and began  delivering the most damaging information of all time. The names of spies for the United States were revealed to the Russians and all were killed including one Soviet general. He also gave the KGB extensive information about American electronic and nuclear capabilities. While the government suspected there was  a mole, they were unable to discover who it is until the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The author provides the reader with an in-depth look at the actions and motivations  of Hanssen. Included with this work are actual internet postings, e-mail, and  photographs that more clearly depict the character of this spy. The actual text  of his secret messages to the Russians are presented as the story progresses, and one can see how Hanssen slowly became tangled in his own web of deceit.

For anybody wanting more information about the most damaging spy case since  Kim Philby, this book will undoubtedly be a good place to start. All the names and faces are included, and the role of the spy hunters in discovering the mole's  identity is compared in real time to the ongoing spying activities of Hanssen.

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