See No Evil

Book Review



See No Evil


Robert Baer


Crown Publishers,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2002



See No Evil is a non-fiction novel of a CIA agent  rising through the ranks of the agency by accepting a number of overseas assignments.  This is a hardback novel of about 275 pages.

Get more information about See No Evil at amazon.comRobert Baer led a different lifestyle than most American youths during his pre-teen and teenaged years. Travelling to all parts of the globe with his mother, he soon developed the ability to adapt to a number of different cultures and languages.  Not sure about his future plans, he eventually applied to the CIA and was surprised  to be accepted to its ranks.

His assignments soon led him into dangerous areas and situations that only his fluent knowledge of Arabic could get him out of. He was deeply involved as a  spy in such hot spots as Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and gathered  intelligence directly by visiting the front lines and recruiting agents.

Returning to Washington, he discovered that life behind a desk involves quite  a bit of political savvy to keep out of trouble in the newly tasked agency. Baer criticized the CIA for its conversion from using human intelligence to  a new reliance on electronic and photographic sources. Finally, he decided to  resign and accept a position as an independent contractor.

Anybody fascinated with true-life spy tales will find this book absolutely hits  the mark. Baer has even left the censoring markouts in the text so that the reader can get an idea of what he is trying to communicate. This book is further  enriched by telling of Baer's personal experiences with the agency instead of relying on second-hand information or research.

This is an excellent novel for any reader that enjoys true action and adventure  tales.

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