2182 kHz

Book Review



2182 kHz


David Masiel


Random House, New  York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2002


2182 kHz is a story of men of the arctic seas, surviving in one of harshest environments on earth. This is a hardcover book of about  300 pages.

Get more information about 2182 kHz at Amazon.comThis novel follows the life of Henry Seine, a tugboat crewman considered by his contemporaries to be blessed with bad luck. It seems that the seamen around him tend to die,  drown or meet other unfortunate ends, and all believe him to be truly cursed.

One day, while casually scanning through the frequencies on his ship's radio,  Henry hears a distant distress signal from a station out on the polar ice. He  becomes the catalyst to mount a dangerous rescue mission to save this group  of stranded explorers.

The story is well written and the author develops a number of deep and colorful  ocean-going characters. The action sequences are electrifying, and the author  uses his extensive experience with nautical life to describe the men and their ships completely and accurately.

2182 kHz is a well written action novel about life on the Arctic ocean and the men that live it. The story keeps your attention from beginning to end, and  anybody that enjoys action and adventure novels will surely find this one a winner.

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