Little Language For Little Ones

Book Review



Little Language for  Little Ones


Laura Dyer, M.C.D.


Language For Little  Ones, LaVergne, TN



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2002



Little Language for Little Ones is a course for helping  infants and developmentally delayed toddlers with developing language skills.  This title consists of a cassette tape and instructional guide and is currently available directly from the publisher.

This program uses music to help the child learn the  basic sounds that make up our language. Each song focuses on developing a particular sound group by emphasizing and rhyming words using sounds from the group. The songs themselves are melodic and simple enough in structure to capture the limited attention span of children in this age group.

The guide that is included with this program explains basic  strategies for helping your child to develop language skills at each stage of development. Ms. Dyer clearly explains which skills are considered normal at every age in the group, and also develops strategies to assist the child should they only have trouble with certain sounds or words.

The Little Language program was developed by a speech pathologist  and can be used as a tool to assist with early childhood language skills development.  The songs that form the backbone of the program and lively, melodic and age  appropriate while also helping the child learn specific sounds and words. The  accompanying guide is written so as to be accurate, yet explains each concept  in simple terms that any adult can quickly grasp.

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