Dancing With The Dragon

Book Review



Dancing With The Dragon


Joe Weber


Presidio Press, Novato,  CA



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

April, 2002



Dancing with The Dragon takes the reader directly to the heart of a spy thriller of international proportions. This edition by Joe Weber tells the story of the  development of a new top-secret weapon that is unleashed against the United States Armed Forces with lethal effect.

Get more information about Dancing With The Dragon at Amazon.comTwo  ex-military pilots turned independent contractors are engaged by the government to find out what is going wrong as a number of military flights are lost under  unusual circumstances. The two super-sleuths dodge a number of potentially fatal traps set by unknown adversaries and slowly begin to uncover an extensive international plot to change the balance of world power.

This novel skillfully mixes fact with fiction to present a gripping and suspenseful  espionage story. The writer demonstrates a thorough working knowledge of military  equipment and tactics that adds to the intrigue and makes this a believable  story.

Any reader interesting in adventure  stories, spy thrillers or military fiction will find this book enjoyable and  interesting.

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