French With Michel Thomas

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French With Michel Thomas - Deluxe Edition


Michel Thomas


McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

January, 2002



French With Michel Thomas is the French  language chapter in the Michel Thomas series. The course consists of eight one-hour compact discs and is packaged in an attractive bookshelf style case.

Get more information about French With Michel Thomas at Amazon.comThis program is an all-audio course -- there is no workbook or script included with it. All learning is accomplished by listening and repeating what is being discussed. What makes this course different from others is the learning format that is  utilized. The student is not supposed to take any notes or try to remember what  is being taught. As the lessons are being presented, two students in the audio  program learn the material at the same time as the listener. Perhaps this is done to build confidence since they make many of the same mistakes a beginner makes when learning a language. In my case, this proved to be one of the fastest methods to develop skills in the French language.

The strength of the Michel Thomas series of courses is that the focus is not on developing a large vocabulary, but instead  on gaining a comprehension of the structure of the language. A rather small vocabulary is expanded to cover a wide variety of uses and situations. Some  of the topics in this course include the present tense, past tense and future tenses of verbs. Verb uses such as the conditional and reflexive tenses are explained late in the course.

This series of courses is ideal for  those wanting to develop basic and intermediate level skills in spoken French.  This course takes the student far beyond the present tense of verbs and deeply  into the structure of spoken French in a format that is easily understood and makes language learning fun.

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