Spanish Verbs Skill Builder

Book Review



Spanish Verbs Skill  Builder


Marcel Danesi


Living Language -  A Random House Company, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

November, 2001


Spanish Verbs  Skill Builder is one in a series of language courses by Living Language targeted  to beginning language students. The course consists of four one-hour cassette tapes and a printed study booklet. The program is packaged in a compact and  colorful bookshelf style case.

Get more information about Spanish Verbs Skill Builder at Amazon.comThe  course is divided into forty short lessons that are each organized into the same format. Every lesson begins by explaining the chapter material, then uses simple conversational models to demonstrate practical uses of each verb, and concludes by testing the listener for mastery of the material. All of the audio  material is listed in the study booklet, and the Spanish verbs are bold-faced  along with their English translations. The study booklet also includes complete  conjugation tables for about 180 of the most commonly used verbs in the language.

This course completely covers a wide variety of verbs  and tenses. It starts with the explanations of the differences between -ar, -er and -ir verbs, demonstrates the use of the present tense, and highlights  the most common irregular verbs. Difficult material is clearly and completely explained as the student progresses through the course into more advanced tenses and concepts.

There are few shortcomings with the design of this language course. The printed materials are on par with regular paperback-style books but are very plain. One main advantage of this course for the commuting  listener is that all of the material is clearly explained in English on the tapes, reducing the need to frequently consult the study booklet. The audio quality is good and the speakers are easy to understand. The program focuses narrowly on verbs, yet also seems to reinforce basic conversational skills and  does not dwell on tourist-type phrases that the listener has already learned  from other programs.

Any student of the Spanish language needing to improve their ability to effectively use verbs will find this course a handy addition to their library. The pace and content is excellent for a beginning to intermediate level listener, and the program is priced attractively for modest budgets.

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