Russian In Three Months

Book Review



Russian In Three Months


Nicholas J. Brown


DK Publishing Inc.,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2001


Russian In Three Months is a self-study course for beginning students of the Russian language. The course consists of a workbook of about 300 pages and four cassette tapes. The program is packaged in a colorful bookshelf case.

Get more information about Russian In Three Months at Amazon.comThis course begins with the basics of the Russian language such as the alphabet and pronunciation. The course then begins to use simple conversations to get the beginner started on the path to talking Russian. Each chapter introduces more complex grammatical concepts of the language, covering topics such as plurals, possessives and verb tenses.

The lesson material is taught in much the same way as a  traditional classroom setting. The early chapters use English to explain the material, while later chapters are completely in Russian, requiring the listener to follow along in the workbook. The course progresses at a brisk pace and the student will want to pause frequently to review what is being taught.

This program is well thought out and fairly comprehensive  for a course in this price range. The quality of the audio recording is good and the speakers are easy to understand. The workbook is well written, includes some interesting illustrations, and the conversations from the audio portion of the program are boldfaced for easy recognition.

Progress through the grammar in this course is very quick, requiring frequent review of material that has already been presented. The requirement to use the workbook in conjunction with the audio program also does not make this course well-suited for students wanting to learn while involved in other  leisure activities or while commuting.

Russian In Three Months provides a solution for beginning  students of the Russian language desiring a self-study resource. The course covers a wide range of grammar and vocabulary at a moderate price. The course design will be familiar to those that have studied foreign languages in a classroom setting.

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