Quick & Simple Chinese

Book Review



Pimsleur Quick & Simple Chinese  Mandarin


Simon and Schuster Audio, New  York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2001


Pimsleur Quick and Simple Chinese Mandarin is an audio-based course for beginning students of Mandarin Chinese consisting of four cassette  tapes. The course is also available in a CD-ROM based version. All of the content is audio material and there are no printed transcripts of the dialogs on the tapes. Included with this program is a coupon for a $50.00 discount on the purchase of an advanced course.

Get more information about Chinese Mandarin at Amazon.conThe  Quick and Simple series focuses on developing core vocabulary skills for beginning  students of a foreign language. This edition follows that philosophy by introducing  basic concepts of the Chinese language to the listener. The course covers basic greetings and pleasantries, expressing simple wants and needs, and asking basic questions. Along the way, the listener is prompted to repeat after the speakers and participate in short conversations.

The course is divided into eight one-half hour lessons,  each on one side of a tape. Each chapter progresses by first presenting a sample dialog in Chinese. The dialog is then broken down into its components and covered step-by-step. Vocabulary from previous lessons is included in the new material,  and substitution is used to increase conversational skills. At the end of each  chapter, the original dialog is read again to demonstrate that the student has learned the new material.

This course is narrowly focused and succeeds in teaching the student by using a core vocabulary and repetition to improve skills. Vocabulary  is introduced and then the student is asked to remember it at greater intervals  as the course progresses. This is what makes the course so successful at teaching the beginner. The audio quality is good and the short duration of each lesson makes the program easy to use during commuting or while engaged in leisure time activities.

Pimsleur Quick and Simple Chinese Mandarin provides an introduction  to the Chinese language for English speaking listeners. It uses a proven and effective method to get the student speaking the target language quickly.

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