In-Flight Korean

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In-Flight Korean


Suzanne McGrew


Living Language -  A Random House Company, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2001


In-Flight Korean provides a fast track approach to learning the Korean language. The course consists of a single audio CD packaged in a compact clamshell plastic case.

Get more information about In-Flight Korean at Amazon.comThe  course content is designed to instruct the listener in the use of travel phrases  using the Korean langauge. Most of the phrases in this program are directly related to travel, although some sections provide more essential vocabulary such as months, days, times and colors. Chapters are included for the most common  traveler needs, such as greetings, lodging, dining out, traveling, shopping, and obtaining help.

The teaching method most commonly used with this course is substitution drills, in which groups of words are substituted into  a basic sentence structure. Each phrase is first read in English, and then repeated  in Korean. One drawback is that the Korean portion is read only once, forcing  the listener to keep a sharp ear for what is being said. Another problem is that gramatical elements of the language are not well explained and it seems that the program hopes that the listener will simply catch on sooner or later.

Those students familiar with other Asiatic languages may not find this course difficult, but many of the concepts of this language, such  as word order, adjectives, and conjugation are poorly explained. The single  reading of the corresponding Korean phrase also seems problematic as the uninitiated  listener attempts to imitate what is being said. Positive features of this course include its low retail price and the scope of material that it covers.

Listeners wishing to review or brush up on their Korean language skills will find this course attractive, but beginners may find the content and presentation overly challenging and would be wise to select a more complete course prior to their trip.

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