Help Your Child With a Foreign Language

Book Review



Help Your Child With a Foreign Language


Opal Dunn


Berlitz Publishing Company, Inc., Princeton, NJ



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2001



Help Your Child With a Foreign Language describes  strategies for teaching your children a second language. This is a paperback book in the Berlitz Kids series that is written in English for parents of primary school aged students.

Get more information about Help Your Child With a Foreign LanguageThis is a unique book for language learning in that it does  not attempt to teach any particular language. The techniques that are described can be applied to any language learning situation involving small children.  The early chapters describe the ways that parents assist in language learning.  The parent is reminded how children learn their primary language and how the parent plays an essential role in guiding development. These early chapters also talk about what the child wants or expects from learning another language,  and the manner in which these skills are developed. These early chapters provide a foundation on which to build a plan to assist the child's learning experience.

The book then moves on to the actual nuts and bolts  of teaching your children. Key advice is provided on building speaking proficiency, reading and writing skills, and the use of games and music for enhancing the  learning process. Each section presents a general timetable of events to judge progress, and specific activities and games are listed along with their impact on the schedule. Several chapters suggest activities outside of the home to allow the child to develop cultural awareness for the target language and to  exercise their newly acquired skills.

This book takes the parent far past the concept of buying a language program and hoping for the best. Most of the material in this book is quite fresh even for a seasoned parent, and the concepts that are presented  can be applied to subjects other than foreign languages. Help Your Child With a Foreign Language provides a one-stop source for the parent to prepare and  evaluate a training program for young students of foreign languages.

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