Unsolved UFO Mysteries

Book Review



Unsolved UFO Mysteries


William J. Birnes  and Harold Burt


Warner Books Inc, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

June, 2001


Unsolved UFO Mysteries is a paperback book of about  300 pages that discusses case studies of several well-known UFO events.

This book focuses on several well-known cases of UFO sightings. It begins with the lights-over-Phoenix sighting, discusses the most common designs of sighted alien spaceships, reviews several high profile European sightings, and concludes with an examination of alien implants and  abductions. Each chapter gives background information about the participants in the sighting and a detailed chronology of the events as they unfold.

Get more information about Unsolved UFO Mysteries at Amazon.comMuch of this book seems as if the authors collected information from UFO magazines  and by listening to late night talk radio. Many of the sources are directly quoted, there is no bibliography at the end, and the number of sources is small  for a book of this type. Another problem is the complete lack of photographs.  One would expect something new in a book like this, yet there isn't even a series of old photographs. Noticeably absent are pictures from the highly photographed lights-over-Phoenix event that is discussed early in this book. The total of the illustrations in this book consists of several black and white sketches  that appear amateur in origin, and one grainy black and white photograph.

For those that don't believe in UFO sightings, this book is sure to raise a loud guffaw from even the most humorless reader. In particular,  you should get a laugh by reading about the man that keeps the dead alien in  his freezer and the abridged text of the lawsuit against the United States Government and Janet Reno.

Those that do believe will most likely find this work unimpressive.  As stated earlier, there are no new photographs, and the authors seem to have  done the bulk of their research using other published works, instead of by direct  interviews and verifying through independent third parties. One also does not  find fresh or new information from de-classified government documents except  when supplied by other third parties.

Whether a believer in UFO phenomena or a skeptic, this book  will not change your mind. It does not seem well researched and contains no new information unavailable from other sources. It seems hastily written and  states supposition as fact in a number of instances. Researchers and believers  in these events will find this book a waste of time.

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