Derek Jeter

Book Review



Derek Jeter


East End Publishing, Syosset, NY



Reviewed By:

M. Fogg

Review Date:

May, 2001


This is a book about Derek Jeter, a baseball player  for the New York Yankees.

The book talks about how he was drafted and became a baseball  player. He dreamed of becoming a big league baseball player when he was a kid and practiced all of the time. By 1994, he was playing minor league baseball  and became good at hitting and stealing bases. Five years later he was playing  on a championship New York team and had won the rookie of the year award.

I liked the book because there are some interesting photos and it tells you something about his life. It was easy for me to read.

Kids that like baseball, the New York Yankees, or Derek  Jeter will like this book. You can get other books about baseball, football,  and basketball players written by this author.

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