Starting Fishing

Book Review



Starting Fishing


Fiona Patchett


EDC  Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

M. Fogg

Review Date:

May, 2001


This book is about learning to fish  and how to catch fish. It shows the best ways to fish for big fish.

Get more information from Amazon.comMy hobby is fishing and I like to fish. I learned how to cast and all about the equipment that you need to go fishing from this book. I liked the section about  flies, lures and baits, and how you use them to fish for very big fish. This  book shows you about fishing equipment and tackle, and how you can make everything  yourself.

The pictures in the book were nice. Every drawing has a line drawn to its parts  and words telling you what it is or what it does. I also liked the section that  shows you all of the types of fish because the pictures were very nice, and  I learned about many new types of fish.

There were a few hard words in this book for me because I am in first grade, but most of it was easy to read. The part of the book I liked the most was the  part that shows you how to make your own fishing poles. This book teaches you how to fish and I thought it was a very cool book.

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