Wicked Spanish

Book Review



Wicked Spanish For The Traveler


Howard Tomb


Workman Publishing,  New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

May, 2001


Wicked Spanish For The Traveler is a phrasebook sized  pocket reference guide for the Spanish language that contains 64 pages.

Get more information about this bookThe  book is organized thematically with sections for typical travel and shopping  situations. A number of colloquial phrases are included with the English phrase, the corresponding Spanish phrase, and a pronunciation key included. Small black  and white sketches adorn some pages. Additional cultural information is included at the beginning of each section.

It seems this book is intended to poke fun at the  differences in two cultures instead of being a serious colloquial guide. Some  of the phrases in this book would most likely get one arrested or in other serious trouble if used as specified. All of the worst misconceptions about Latin-American culture are brought out of the closet and thoroughly aired including quips about bribery and the origins of the meat on the dinner plate.

If one needs a good laugh, this might be the ticket for  them, but a number of the phrases would be considered insulting if used in everyday situations. Travelers seeking a guide to Latin-American colloquial expressions or a phrasebook will be much better served by looking elsewhere. This guide  did not meet my personal needs and I would not recommend it to serious students  of the Spanish language or tourists seeking a quick language reference.

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