El mundo de los niños

Book Review



El mundo de los niños


Sue Grabham


Larousse Kingfisher Chambers Inc.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

May, 2001


El mundo de los niños is a Spanish language book that describes the world around us in simple terms that children  can understand. This hardcover book contains almost 500 pages of information  and includes a multitude of drawings, maps, and diagrams.

El mundo de los niñosDon't  worry if your command of Spanish is less than perfect. Most of the material is easily understood since each topic is completely illustrated, and the book also uses a large number of cognates. This book was written for young children and contains simple words and explanations that won't have you reaching for the bi-lingual dictionary every two minutes. Some of the topics covered include the animal world, plants, dinosaurs, the oceans, and machines -- all things that greatly interest young children. The book is thematically organized with  similar topics in the same chapters, and the captions for the pictures are a  good way to build a larger vocabulary.

This work is quite well done. The printing quality is first class and the wealth of illustrations keeps your attention.  Although it is targeted for young readers, the broad scope of topical material makes this interesting reading for teenagers and adults as well.

This book is ideal for young children  that have Spanish as their primary language. It is also useful for younger children  learning Spanish since the colorful pictures help to promote comprehension. A little help from mom or dad will go a long way in developing a better grasp  of Spanish. This book is also one way intermediate level students of Spanish  can get some practical and painless reading experience.

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