Magnetic Poetry World Series

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Magnetic Poetry World Series - Espanol Edition


Magnetic Poetry Inc.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

February, 2001



Magnetic Poetry is the perfect little  toy for bored cubicle workers and anybody with a large refrigerator. The World  Series - Espanol Edition is specially designed for those having Spanish as their  native or second language.

The set consists of over four hundred small, white, magnetic tiles. Each tile contains a Spanish word, prefix or suffix. Thousands of sentence combinations can be created on the fly. The set is packaged with a plastic jewel case to hold the tiles when not in use. A miniature folding leaflet Spanish-English dictionary is also enclosed to help users with limited Spanish skills.

The vocabulary includes a rich variety of nouns, verb stems, adjectives and pronouns. Many suffixes are included so that the user can create sentence structures like "I run, you run, he runs" and so on. Additional stems and suffixes allow the user to give gender to adjectives, keeping in tune with proper Spanish language grammar.

The manufacturing quality of this set is excellent. Repeated handling of the tiles did not wear off the printed surfaces. The die cutting of the set is also precise and the tiles fit together evenly. The jewel case packaging is particularly nice since the entire set can be put back into the case and will fit into a jacket pocket or purse.

This award winning Magnetic Poetry set is wonderful for creating short Spanish language poems or sentences and provides hours of enjoyment for a relatively small price. One warning: this product is fun and can be highly addictive!

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