Death In The Andes

Book Review



Death In The Andes


Mario Vargas Llosa


Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, NY



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

December, 2000


Death In The Andes is a fictional work involving a remote community in Peru and its citizens. This book delivers the reader into a landscape as remote from civilization as a distant planet.

The main characters of Peruvian army corporal Lituma and deputy Tomas are assigned to an isolated mountain mining town in Peru. Their lonely and dangerous assignment is to protect the miners from the Shining Path guerillas.

Get more information from Barnes and NobleSeveral  plots intertwine throughout the story as the guerillas invade remote villages and mercilessly slaughter foreigners and those that are judged to be against their cause. Tomas recalls meeting and losing the love of his life while Lituma  ponders his ultimate fate at their remote and dangerous location.

Their mission soon becomes more confused and dangerous as local peasants begin to disappear with no trace. Their efforts to solve the mystery are made difficult by the silence and fear of the miners and campesinos. Finally, they discover the horrible truth about the fate of the missing peasants.

At times this book is a little difficult to follow as the characters idle away their lonely hours recalling past events in their lives. The story constantly shifts from the past to the present and back, however, the setting of the story is unique and the ending is sure to surprise and horrify most readers.

This book is currently out of print but several sources still showed availability as of the review date.

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