Usborne Flashcard Spanish

Book Review



Usborne Flashcard Spanish


Jo Litchfield


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Ok.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

November, 2000


Usborne Flashcard Spanish is a standard  flashcard sized deck of 50 cards for studying basic Spanish. The deck is packaged in a playing card style cardboard box.

Each Spanish word is shown with a picture or series of pictures on one side of each flashcard. The other side of the card only has the Spanish word with no other information. The vocabulary taught by this deck includes numbers from one to ten, colors, animals, food, and other things that are familiar to children.

This deck is perhaps the most nicely illustrated deck of this type. The pictures appear to be miniature models that were constructed, then photographed. Each is very colorful and the meanings are unambiguous.

The limited amount of words will soon bore an adult learner, so it appears that the design of this package is geared toward younger children. This deck would be ideal for a classroom setting of small size. No pronunciation guide is included with the cards, so an adult should have a grasp of basic Spanish to assist their child in pronouncing the words.

Children like this format to study a new language. The colorful illustrations keep their attention and they will ask to use this deck time and time again.

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