Fast Track Spanish

Book Review



Fast Track Spanish: For Business


Delores M. Koch, Ph.D


Penton Overseas Inc., Carlsbad,  Ca.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2000


Fast Track Spanish: For Business is  a two cassette, three hour instructional package designed for use by business travelers needing to develop intermediate level Spanish language skills. The course also includes a dialog booklet and is packaged in an attractive plastic bookshelf style case.

Get more information about Fast Tract Spanish at amazon.comThe  theme for this course makes it different than other self-paced Spanish courses  on the market. The dialogs are specifically designed to teach the traveler important phrases and concepts needed to conduct business in Spanish speaking countries. The course does not waste a lot of time with basic phrases that are taught by  so many other courses but instead quickly shifts its focus to business specific situations one is likely to encounter. Scattered throughout the course are important phrases that teach the listener how to make "small talk" -- helping them to  adapt to cultural differences when establishing business relationships in Spanish speaking countries.

Each phrase of the dialog is first spoken in English, then repeated in Spanish. The phrases are taught at a normal conversational pace and progress is rapid through each of the five sections that are included in this course. Every phrase is also printed in both English and Spanish inside the dialog booklet. When a sentence should be different talking to a woman instead of a man, both versions are provided. The audio format and quality are good and the speakers are easily understood. The fast pace of this program also allows rapid review of large amounts of material in limited time -- convenient for the busy executive.

This course is perfectly suited for the non-tourist traveler seeking to acquire business specific Spanish vocabulary. It covers many of the basic business situations one is likely to encounter during a business trip or meeting, and meets a need for businessmen that other courses leave unfulfilled. The low retail cost of this program makes it an exceptional value considering the quality of the materials that are provided.

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