Passport to World Band Radio

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Passport to World Band Radio


Lawrence Magne


Lawrence Magne



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2000


Passport to World Band Radio returns in the 2001 edition as the leader in shortwave broadcast directories. The format  and contents will be familiar to users of previous year editions.

This manual continues its tradition of shortwave broadcast reporting excellence in this latest version. A complete review of all of the most popular shortwave receivers is included this year along with reports on the newest models from popular manufacturers such as Grundig, Drake and Sony. Additional new material was added to cover many popular shortwave radio accessories such as antennas, signal amplifiers and world time clocks.ama-0914941518.jpg (5617 bytes)Coverage was also expanded to include kit radios. The price, performance, availability, and access to factory technical support are all described in great detail for each model. The text for each radio discusses each good and bad feature of the model along with an overall rating.

The format of the feature articles remains unchanged with a main article covering the radio and television broadcast facilities of Bhutan. Other familiar articles are about the most popular shortwave broadcast programs and stations. Another new feature article provides a complete tutorial for shortwave novices.

The station listings format is also the same as previous years. Programs are listed in three sections: by broadcast time, by country of origin, and by frequency. The listing of programs by frequency continues the tradition of supplying the program language(s), times, broadcast power, and information about jamming. The format makes it very easy to identify unknown stations or to search for a desired shortwave radio broadcast.

Previous users of this guide will not be disappointed by this new version. For those novice shortwave listeners or those that are unfamiliar with Passport to World Band Radio, this book is a one-stop reliable source for timely information about what to look for in shortwave radio equipment and where to look for shortwave broadcasts.

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