Juegos Con Números

Book Review



Juegos Con Numeros (Games With Numbers)


Ray Gibson (Translated by: Monica Tamariz)


EDC Publishing, Tulsa, OK



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2000


Juegos Con Numeros is an interesting little book that gives you an opportunity to play games with your child so that  they learn a little Spanish and also get to work with numbers.

All of the games in this book require just a few item to play. To play any of the games, you simply need to have a few pieces of paper, several colored crayons or markers, several drinking straws, and a little tape. The rest of each game is printed on the page you are working on. Each activity is a little different so that the child gets to develop the basic concepts of addition and subtraction in various ways. Most of the activities involve colorful animal pictures such as butterflies, dogs and fish that children always enjoy.

ama-0746038704.jpg (5821 bytes)The games are entirely interactive. Some of the activities include a race across a garden of flowers by three different bees, helping a frog jump across a pond, and loading cargo onto trucks. These games encourage a young mind to solve simple math problems while having fun. All of the instructions for the games are in Spanish, so you may wish to read the instructions to your child, assisting them to translate the game into your language. A few of the words may not be familiar to those who don't have Spanish as a first language, but the instructions mostly consists of cutting, placing, taping, adding and subtracting. Several quick looks in the dictionary should make the parent fully capable of understanding any new words.

This work is nicely illustrated with pictures that your child will enjoy. The games are fun and they don't take very much time, so that a young child can finish the game before losing attention. Because all of the loose pieces are made from scraps of paper, there are no small pieces to lose and the games can be played time and time again by simply cutting new pieces. These games are challenging for children from toddler age to early primary school, and there are enough games in the book to keep a child from getting bored.

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