Art of Stretching and Kicking

Book Review



Art of Stretching and Kicking


James Lew


Unique Publications, Burbank,  CA



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

October, 2000


The Art of Stretching and Kicking is a how-to manual about martial arts stretching and kicking techniques. It has two chapters that cover both of the topics in detail.

ama-0865680078.gif (2162 bytes)The first section of this book shows in detail common martial arts stretching techniques. Each technique is explained in detail and includes a series of photographs demonstrating how the stretch is performed. The second section covers a number of martial arts kicking techniques, with short explanations and series of photographs in the same manner as the first chapter.

This work is extensively illustrated, although all of the photographs are black and white. Each technique has about five different photographs showing a beginning position, several middle positions and the ending position. There is not very much text, only enough to give a basic framework to accomplish the stretch or kick being demonstrated.

There are some problems with the book. Similar to many other self-help martial arts study books, some series of photographs are confusing unless one is already familiar with the stretch or kick being demonstrated. Most of the stretches and kicks are at an advanced level, and there isn't much in the program for a beginner just starting stretching or martial arts. Finally, most of the information seems to be presented for the author's particular form instead of for general martial arts.

This book is ideal for an advanced level martial arts student or athlete that desires to expand the range of motion of their legs or overall flexibility. Higher level martial arts students will also appreciate the demonstration of some advanced kicking techniques and their applications. Beginners would be better served with an easier program.


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