Teach Yourself JavaScript

Book Review



Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3  in 24 Hours


Michael Moncur


SAMS, Indianapolis, IN



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2000



This programming manual for the JavaScript programming language is designed for the beginning or novice programmer. The book is divided into twenty-four chapters expected to take about one hour each to absorb.

ama-067231407X.gif (6109 bytes)Each chapter introduces important programming principles to the reader and takes time to explain what the code does and why it is needed. Some topics have short examples of actual scripts. A series of questions are included at the end of each chapter to test the reader's comprehension of that chapter's material. The programming code for two complete applications is  included near the end of the book.

Although some effort was given to illustrating how each topic is used in an actual script, most of the examples are not complete enough to be very useful. For example, it is almost impossible to determine  which elements would be better used as functions instead of in the body of the  HTML document. Little coverage is given to the effects of variations in the script on what actually occurs in the program, and many of the topics have no  examples whatsoever to demonstrate how to implement the feature. The organization  of the content and the lack of examples make this book seem more like an instructor's outline than a serious programming manual.

This book is targeted to the beginning JavaScript programmer but does not give enough examples to prove very useful to a novice. The presentation of the material is also not particularly useful to a more experienced programmer. Better manuals are available in this price range.

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