JavaScript Bible 3rd Edition

Book Review



JavaScript Bible 3rd Edition


Danny Goodman


IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., Foster  City, CA



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2000


Over 1,000 pages of material make the  JavaScript Bible a comprehensive solution to learning the JavaScript programming language. Included with the book is a CD-ROM with additional script examples and applications that are ready to run.

The book begins with a basic description of what JavaScript is and how it works. Then it introduces forms, strings, windows, functions and objects chapter by chapter. Each new topic includes the program listing for example scripts that demonstrate exactly how the feature can be implemented. A chapter is dedicated to each object. The methods and operations associated with each object are listed in alphabetic order along with extensive discussion of the method or operation and tips for using them in more complex situations.

ama-0764531883.gif (4281 bytes)This manual is very well indexed. A brief table of contents is immediately followed by a detailed table of contents spanning sixteen pages. The index at the rear of the book includes sublistings of the operators and methods associated with each object.

Whenever a topic needs illustration for clarity, the manual provides sample scripts and shows the effects of changes in the script on the results. Many scripting examples include pictures of the resulting screen display when the script is run. Extensive coverage is also given to the different scripting requirements for the most common browser applications, along with suggestions to adapt the code for greatest compatibility. Several chapters also show how to interface JavaScript to other scripting languages.

The JavaScript Bible is a well-written software manual that is equally useful to both the novice and veteran programmer. The extensive examples and illustrations improve the usability of the book and the sample applications demonstrate the abilities and strengths of JavaScript. Any programmer will find this book highly useful.

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