Guide to Spanish Suffixes

Book Review



Guide to Spanish Suffixes


Dorothy M. Devney


Passport Books, Lincolnwood, IL.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2000


Guide to Spanish Suffixes is a book  that has a rather unique approach to learning Spanish. It focuses on the ends of words instead of the beginnings.

This work is well thought out. There are indexes at both the front and the back of the book. The index at the front covers the material in the order it is presented while the index at the back subdivides the material into parts of speech (nouns, verbs, and adjectives). A quick description of the meaning of the suffix is provided in each index as well. The material is also presented in alphabetic order, making quick reference easy.

A page or more is dedicated to the presentation of each suffix in this book. The suffix, its meaning, and its English equivalent are given at the top of the page. A short paragraph gives an in-depth discussion of the specific uses of the suffix. Finally, a list of words in Spanish using the suffix is given. The list includes the Spanish words, their meanings, their related or root words, and the root words' English equivalent. When the suffix can be applied to have several meanings, each meaning is given coverage in a separate section.

This book will be most useful to an intermediate or advanced level language student that is already familiar with the Spanish language. No attempt is made to expand the conversational abilities of the reader -- the book strictly deals with individual words. Of particular value will be the paragraphs of explanation that are included when the suffix has no direct English language equivalent or is based on Latin.

This book meets two goals. One is that the reader can increase their Spanish language vocabulary. There are well over one thousand words in these pages and many of them will be new to all but the most advanced students. The second goal that this work meets is that it gives the reader the ability to comprehend what is being said when a new word is encountered based on a root word that the student is already familiar with.

This is an ideal book for an intermediate to advanced level student to exponentially increase their understanding of complex Spanish words by gaining an understanding of the most commonly used suffixes. The presentation of the material is well thought out and gives in-depth treatment to each suffix.

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