Como Descubrir Sus Vidas Anteriores

Book Review



Como Descubrir Sus Vidas Anteriores


Ted Andrews


Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul,  Mn.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

August, 2000



Como Descubrir Sus Vidas Anteriores  (How to Discover Your Previous Lives) is a Spanish language book dealing with  a variety of new age and metaphysical issues. It is published in paperback format and has 176 pages. The book is not extensively illustrated, but does include approximately thirty black and white photographs and illustrations. The quality of the photographs is poor, but the illustrations and printing in general are  clear.

ama-0875429165.gif (6394 bytes)The author builds a case for reincarnation and a methodology for recovering memories from prior lives. He believes that the karma of an individual follows them from life to life and that the memories of prior lives can be recovered by structured meditation. A number of alternative theories about how one passes from life to life are presented and each is discussed in detail. An interesting concept put forward in this work is that not only does one come back to a new life, but that the loves and friends developed in the previous lives are also carried forward into the present.

Links from former lives to the present and the effects on one's life are discussed. The effects include affecting an individual's lifestyle, what aptitudes and skills can be developed, and what types of friendships and loves the person will have during their present life. The karma of a person remains a constant from one life to the next -- and is celebrated in ancient religious rituals that have carried over from antiquity.

A variety of methods used to retrieve these previous memories are presented throughout the book. The basic focus in the early stages is on structured meditation. The reader is advised to keep a written diary of memories as they are recalled. Other techniques suggested include hypnosis and autohypnosis. There are chapters that cover the use of tarot cards, pendulums and divining rods to be used in conjunction with props such as maps to further recover these prior memories. In addition to listing these methods, the author provides detailed instructions on how to implement each one.

Even if the reader does not believe in the concepts introduced in this book, it is an inexpensive, intermediate level paperback for those trying to improve their proficiency in Spanish. The vocabulary is not particularly difficult, and many of the more technical aspects are described with cognate words - words that are similar in both Spanish and English. There are no English words or translations in this book, so a good Spanish dictionary should be kept handy.

This work is an inexpensive Spanish language paperback book that is appropriate for an intermediate level reader. Native Spanish speakers with new age and metaphysical beliefs will find this book attractive as well. It presents the concepts behind belief in reincarnation and gives extensive coverage to methods for discovering the relation of one's former and present lives.

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