Spanish In A Box

Book Review



Spanish In A Box


Donald S. Rivera


Penton Overseas Inc.,  Carlsbad, Ca.



Reviewed By:

Frank Fogg

Review Date:

July, 2000


Spanish In A Box provides an alternative concept for learning Spanish. Everything in this course is different from its packing to its presentation. Everything is packaged in a wooden box about cigar box size and the course itself is a series of flashcards along with  two cassette tapes.

The first tape of lessons closely  parallels the order of the flashcards. The flashcards are grouped into five  color coded sections having increasing complexity, with the final set including general information about the Spanish language and culture. The final group  of flashcards includes lists of nouns and verbs, important phrases, and even  measurement conversion tables.

The content of the second tape is  for improving the student's conversational skills. Each word and phase is presented both in English and Spanish, making the tapes ideal listening when commuting  or when doing other activities. The audio quality of both tapes is excellent  and the content is entertaining for this type of course.

Each flash card has a Spanish language and English language side. Both sides have cartoon characters acting out the  lesson to improve memory retention. Many of the cards present an action followed  by replacement of several nouns to complete the sentence. The packaging effectively  retains the cards in order during storage so that it is easy to retrieve the  card color group that is currently being used.

The most important difference between  this course and others is the ease with which the verbs are taught. This program does not get the student bogged down with a lot of technical language jargon about tenses, but instead teaches the most common uses with numerous examples. This method seems more natural than the methods used by other programs. The  flash cards also provide a convenient way to learn and review the course.

This program takes a beginning student to the point of basic conversational fluency. It is a delightful course either as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other programs.

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